How come my Levono computer has no sound?

by on April 6, 2012

Q: I have a Lenovo tower computer 6-7 years old
running XP=Pro…Have IE 8…Have had lots of
problems with viruses etc..using Window Security
essentials..That seems under control (for the moment anyway) My problem? I have no sound..
speakers working okay..Once when I did a restore
to an earlier date got the sound back..but now it’s gone again..The system apparently uses Realtek
for the sound system..I’ve tried everything I can think of to restore the sound…Help!

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    It is very possible that during the cleaning/recovery of your system that the audio driver had gotten damaged. I would suggest looking on the manufacturer’s website for an updated audio card driver for your system. Are there any errors showing on your device manager?


    I’ll try that…thanks Pat