How come I am having problems with the marketplace on my kindle fire?

by on April 18, 2012

Q: i have one problem with the kindle fire… and that is the marketplace.

for a while now i have been attempting to install one app on my kindle: GemRB. For those unfamiliar, it allows users to play baldur’s gate on their phone or (supposedly) tablet. here is where my issue occurs. the amazon marketplace is very restricted as opposed to the android’s.

so any explanation you might have to move one measly little app to one gigantic pain in my ass, please keep it very simple; see, i am technilogically “slow”, i can use technology to some extent, and excell in some areas… but in matters like this i am braindead, so the more “broken down” each step is, the more thankful i will be.

any help will be greatfully appreciated, and i am willing to try any method (so long as it is explained clearly, and is not illegal, or violates the kindle fire contract) and once again, please dont assume i will know what you mean when you say (for example) reinstall the apk.

One Response to “How come I am having problems with the marketplace on my kindle fire?”

    I found this article about installing it. I am not very familiar with the kindle fire but am with android.

    I have read through the steps and it seems to be a good chance of getting it to run.