How do I change my yahoo password?

by on April 18, 2012

Q: The option for me to change my yahoo password is missing. I mean, completly not there, it is nowhere to be found on my account page anymore. It used to be there but it has definitly been removed. Who could have removed it?

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    Sign into your yahoo account at From there you will see your username in the top right hand corner. If you move your mouse over your username it will pop up some options. Please choose the “Account Info” option. This will prompt you to enter your password once more. After doing so you will see the “Change Password” option under “Sign in and Security”. Let me know if you cannot find this.


      No, like I said, I already know how to change it. But the option to change it is no longer there to click on. Do you understand what I am saying? There used to be an option on my account page to change my address but it has COMPLETLY DISAPPEARED. USED TO BE THERE TO CLICK ON… BUT NOW…COMPLETLY MISSING?


        This is not an acceptable way to respond to someone that is trying to help you.


      I followed the directions that fletcha posted and was able to see the “Change your password” link under “Sign-In and Security”

      If you do not see that I would suggest trying a different web browser.


    Are you trying to change your address or your password?


    Sorry about that but it is worring me that someone did something to my account. But yes, I am trying to change my password, and under the “sign in and security” page, the option has completly vanished. All the other options are there except the “change my password” option. Thank you.


    It seems like your browser is possibly rendering the page incorrectly. What browser are you using to access the page? I suggest trying Mozilla or Google Chrome.

    No one can remove that option from that page, Only Yahoo Developers them selves can remove that option.


    I’m not really sure what browser I am using. I guess it would be internet explorer. I don’t know much about it and I have no idea how to use another browser. I sure appreciate your help.


    So anyway – the option for me to change my Yahoo password has been removed. If you went to change your password and the link to do that was missing, what would you do? Thanks for helping.


    You need to update your web browser to make sure you have the latest version.

    You need to make sure you always have at least two web browsers installed. Internet Explorer should be a backup web browser only. Your primary web browser should be either FireFox or Google Chrome. The free version of Opera is also an option for a backup web browser.

    The reason you need to have at least two web browsers on your computer at all time is because sometimes sites just don’t work well with a specific web browser, your web browser could get a virus and cause you not to be able to do things, or something weird could happen where your particular browser is not rendering a page correctly.

    I am certain if you use a different web browser, you can even test it on another computer, that your change password option will be there.