Is there a way to fix corrupt files on a flash drive?

by on April 18, 2012

Q: is there a way to recover/fix corrupt files on a flash drive?
ive downloaded all sorts of rubbish software today that claims to do just that, but so far no luck…

please help :o(

my computer crapped out and before it completely went kaput i managed to back up all of my important documents, photos, etc on my 16gb flash drive…i got my brand new computer today, went to transfer from flash drive, and every single file was made up of random characters and junk.

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    Is it possible you just don’t have the correct software installed to read the files? Like Microsoft Word for .doc and .docx files? If you were to open a .doc in notepad, for example, you would see weird characters like you are describing.


    nope…i have word..not to mention half a dozen other file appropriate programs for the other stuff..(jpgs, mp3s, etc)


      I am at a loss without actually seeing the device. If it some how got corrupted then there usually isn’t anyway to get it back. As odd as it sounds you have a better chance of getting data back when it is deleted then when it becomes corrupted.