Can a laptop be damaged by spring clip mounts?

by on April 24, 2012

Q: I am in the process of designing a set of laptop mountable speakers. I am proposing to use a spring clip mechanism to mount the speakers to each side of the laptop. These type of speakers with a similar mounting mechanism have been created before. Is there any history of laptop screen being damaged by the spring clip mounting of speakers or any other mountable product including LED lights?

One Response to “Can a laptop be damaged by spring clip mounts?”

    It is always possible that the clips if press to hard against the bezel around the screen it could break. I do not know if there is a history of this happening as I have not seen speakers mounted this way personally.

    Again, I would think if the clip presses too hard against the bezel over time it could damage the screen. Usually in most laptop screens the inverter is located at the bottom of the screen near the hinges so that should not be a problem.