What is nginx and why is it showing up on my PC?

by on May 2, 2012

Q: What is ‘nginx’ and why is it showing up on my PC?

It will show up as a 405 not found error with nginx underneath when in Google. This is not a constant thing but very annoying since I never downloaded anything like this.

This has a Ru. address and It makes me very skeptical. It seems all the titles for this, when Googled, are highly in favor of this and it’s hard to find any disagreement, which doesn’t seem right.

Would this have anything to do with “War Inc Battlezone”? My grandson may have downloaded this and never told me because now there is a folder in programs for this title.

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    nginx is software used to run web servers, it isn’t installed on your computer, but you’re seeing it mentioned due to the web page errors you’re hitting.

    Based on all the details you’ve provided, I’m willing to bet there is some kind of malware junk that got accidentally installed on your computer that is goofing up your search results.

    I suggest running a full anti-virus/anti-spyware scan.

    I generally suggest Microsoft Security Essentials (free from Microsoft) as a tool to use if you don’t already have one: windows.microsoft.com/mse