What is the best way to make terabytes of media available on my network?

by on May 5, 2012

Q: so i’m looking to build a computer meant to house all of my Media and then lug it into my network so i can stream it to multiple computers, and various platforms throughout my home.

as this media station will house all of my media and Hard drives are known to fail, i would like to build in some redundancy.

additionally my Media is easily over 9TB of data and steadily growing. I have some idea that the best way to do this might be to build a tower of hard drives, and set it up in either a virtual or literal raid formation… but i don’t really know what that means or how to do it.

am i on the right track? what’s teh best way to accomplish this? and i need to make sure that no-mattaer what i do adding new media to the setup from either Mac or PC is relatively easy, and that my Media tower is as low maintenance as possible.

One Response to “What is the best way to make terabytes of media available on my network?”

    I would consider getting a NAS (Network-attached Storage) like the ReadyNAS Pro/a> or a Drobo.

    The upside to the ReadyNAS and the Drobo is that you can throw any hard drive in that you have to grow the array where normal NAS devices require you to get hard drives the same size. I think these devices will work for you better than building your own computer.

    I have the ReadyNAS myself and it has built in software that will let you share with any system you can think of from your TiVo (if you have one) to your computers and even iTunes .