What is the best digital camera for under $500?

by on May 18, 2012

Q: I am looking for a new camera and I need help please.
I am trying to find that takes pictures at a fast speed without that couple of seconds to wait it is ready for the next shot, a super zoom, water and shock resistant on a budget of maybe 500.00 or less {or less is always better}.

I need a good quality but alot of web sites say for a good slr you should buy this super expensive camera or that, but I have found out that is not always true.
also where can you learn how to take better pictures and what all the settings mean or how to set them to what you need.

My father passed away last year and our connection was photograph and he was going to teach me as long as I promised to Follow My Dream of having a small business with photography.

He gave me his canon camera which but i need to upgrade to a faster speed with better light for night because i take alot of night pictures.

Thank You for any help you can give, it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!

One Response to “What is the best digital camera for under $500?”

    What is the model of the Canon camera he gave you?