How come I get a blank page in my document when I do a save as PDF in Word?

by on May 31, 2012

Q: I am trying to save my Word document as a PDF. No problem, except that I get an extra blank page that is three pages before the last page of the document. I have checked the formatting symbols and everything seems to be OK. I added an extra page in case it was trying to make the number of pages come out right, but the same thing. I used an online PDF maker and got the same blank page. What could be wrong?

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    I might suggest trying a different PDF printer to see if the problem continues. There are several choices cutepdf, bullzip pdf, and more. If the problem persists then I might suggest trying to to a repair of office from add remove programs and then try re installing the program if a repair doesn’t work.


    Thanks Iselden,

    The problem first manifest itself when I used my publisher’s PDF service. I then went online and got the same results. I was using Word2007 Home and Student (.docx), and got the same thing when I used the onboard “Save as…PDF.” I then saved the 2007 document to Word 2003 (.doc) and saved as PDF. The result was pristine, so apparently there is some glitch with Word 2007.

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