Why the hard drive on Asus N53S partitioned?

by on May 31, 2012

Q: I recently bought a new laptop which is Asus N53S.
Whats pissing me off is the hard drive. The C: drive, which is labelled as OS and sized 186 GB, is full and D: drive, labelled Data, has nothing on it at all. I just dont get why its partitioned like this. I am kinda new to partitions. Why the heck is it setup like this if everything I store and install on my pc goes automatically to C: drive? Its so stupid to setup hard drives like that especially when you expect to turn on a new pc which is ready for use and end up with a full OS partition. So am I supposed to plainly drag my files to the empty Data partition? Not to mention that it takes so long and if I will have to move them manually to data partition everytime I store or install something Im just not gonna bother at all.

One Response to “Why the hard drive on Asus N53S partitioned?”

    If the C: partition is full right out of the box then there is something wrong with the laptop. Usually the C: drive has around 20-30GB used space and the remainder is free.

    The secondary partition is more than likely being used as a recovery partitions. Manufacturers do it this way do they do not have to spend extra money on providing the recovery discs. The files on the secondary partition are also hidden if it is a recovery partition.

    Again if the C: drive is full I would suggest returning the laptop to where it was purchased or contact the manufacturer.