How do I free up space on my computer?

by on June 3, 2012

Q: My computer is always telling me that i have no space on my operating system… i have gone in and removed everything that i dont need so know i only have the things that Asus had installed on it. I cant do very many things on my computer because of this. I do have a lot of pictures on my computer though. My question is how do i free up space on it and would something like full crypt help with it and what all would that remove?

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    First, run ccleaner (free) on your computer to delete any junk files from the computer.

    Then install and run winDirStat (free)

    WinDirStat will show you what is taking up space on your computer.

    If it is the photos taking up a lot of space, you can move those to on-line storage or an external hard drive. Just make sure you have your photos stored in two separate places. Hard drives will break at some point, you don’t want to loose them!