How do I determine how much space I need to backup all my data?

by on June 4, 2012

Q: I’m about to do a professional archiving project for a long running jazz series and need to know how big of an external hard drive I need.

There are several thousand (I’d say between 2,000-3,000) pictures to put on it which MUST be high resolution (Not sure exactly what resolution is required, but I’m guessing 10 mp should be standard. Am I right on this or should it be more?)

I’ll be putting about 100 GB of music on it.

Will 1 TB hold all of this and still run smoothly? I don’t want get a 3 or 4 TB model only to find out that I didn’t need all of if and wasted money.

So 3 questions in all…
1. What mp would be recommended for the HR photos?
2. Do I need more than 1 TB to run my project smoothly?
3. What models would you suggest (I’m using a Macbook Pro w/ 2.66 GB processor and 4 GB memory)?

Thanks for your time!

One Response to “How do I determine how much space I need to backup all my data?”

    A 1TB drive should be plenty, and give you some wiggle room as needed to put lots of photos on.

    That said, hard drives break. Operate under the assumption that your hard drive will fail. So I strongly suggest some type of automatic backup such as Crashplan.