Do Webroot and Norton 360 do the same thing?

by on June 12, 2012

Q: Recently I received a free upgrade for Webroot, version and I also am running Norton 360 on my Windows XP Operating System.

In the past Webroot was used for spyware and Norton was used for virus protection, are both of these products now doing the same thing? Am I paying double for 2 programs or is one program doing more than another?

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    It appears that they are both Competitors of each other and rank pretty well as far as home security applications. I would suggest evaluating to see which you like better as far as performance/stability/look and feel and remove the one that you don’t like as much. Having both installed at one time can cause some instabilities with your computer.



    Webroot SecureAnywhere is a full featured and comprehensive antivirus/anti spyware suite that offers you protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, worms, keyloggers, Trojans and adware. It is also the lightest, fastest and least obtrusive security suite on the market.

    If you have SecureAnywhere Essentials you get additional Identity Protection and Phishing attack protection.

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    SecureAnywhere is also much lighter and faster than Norton 360 and other competing products. Instead of using the traditional method of having to download definition files, SecureAnywhere is always up-to-date and uses a unique combination of our cloud database and local behavioral analysis to keep you protected against the latest threats that are discovered every day, all in real-time. Because it is such a small package it will not slow down your computer and it also scans your hard drive in under 3 minutes on average.

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    Greg Davis
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