How come my computer tells me to make sure a disk is formatted when I try to copy pictures on to it even though I have done it before?

by on June 14, 2012

Q: When placing blank disks in my drive to copy pictures my computer onto it is saying windows can not read it and make sure it is formatted. These are disks that i have used before on this computer and it has always worked. Usually when i put it in a box would pop up asking what i wanted to do burn pics etc.. this isnt popping up anymore either. I dont know what to do, i have all my kids pics on here and now i dont know how to get them on a disk. Please help!

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    When you say disk do you mean:

    3.5″ Floppy Disk

    Something else?


    CD-R and DVD-R


    Consider using a drive cleaning disk such as something like this:

    Just note these shouldn’t be used with a slot loading DVD drive like on some laptops. They are fine to use with a tray-loading drive. (When you push eject, a tray comes out of the computer that you place the disk on it)

    If you’re still having trouble, you can also just use a USB Flash drive to move files between computers, it should be faster and easier than burns disks all the time.


    It is a laptop (Toshiba) and i blew in it thinking that might help but it didnt. I really want this to be able to work so i can copy the pictures, any other ideas? I just got this error…

    Windows can not read the disk in D:\

    Make sure the disk uses a format that windows recognizes. If the disk is unformatted you will need to formatt it.

    It is a CD-R that i am using


    Did you try either of the suggested solutions above? If not, try them.


    You said not to try it on a DVD one that is in a laptop so I didnt. And i didnt want to have to do the Flash drive yet until i know there is nothing I can do to fix the burner so I am able to make cds of the pics


    Do any CDs or DVDs work in the drive at all? Try reading different types of disks (DVD-R, CD-R, normal DVD, normal CD, etc) and let me know what works.


    Ok tried the CD-R again still saying it can not read it, then tried a DVD and nothing popped up so i had to go into my “explore” to find the D-drive and it read the movie because it said the name then had Audio and Video under it, but i dont know how to get it to play cause when i click on it just more tabs pop up. Then I tried a CD and again nothing prompted me to play it, so again went through my explore to find it and again it read it and said audio cd with each track listed.


    Okay good. Try the following:

    1. Use some fresh new CD-R or DVD-R disks you’ve never used before. Maybe even a different brand of disk.

    2. Try using a different burning program such as (free)


    Ok great thank you! i downloaded the program and tried with the disk i have and it is saying the same thing, so i will pick up more disks when i go out today! Any suggestions? What i have now are Memorex CD-R 700mb. Also do you know how to get the little box to start popping back up if i put a memory card into the laptop, it used to say would you like to import etc.