What is the best Microsoft OS for my PC?

by on June 15, 2012

Q: I’m trying to decide on the best OS for my PC and future upgrades to said PC.

Of course Win 7 64bit is my primary choice. But after calling Microsoft dirrectly and discussing a few things I am very disappointed with Win 7’s ability to be reinstalled. Perhaps what the customer service employees at Microsoft were just lying but I’m hoping someone that has done this can provide some insight.

I plan on building a new PC with top of the line components. For now I want to use a Mechanical HD.

My 1st question to Microsoft was, if the original HD crashes can I reinstall Win 7 on a new HD that I install into the machine?

Microsofts 1st answer: Win 7 is linked and registared to the HD and cannot be reinstall on another HD, you will need to by a new product key. A new Product key means a new Retail version of Win 7 $300.

Microsofts 2nd answer: If you HD crashes and you need to replace it, microsoft will do a one time transfer to the new HD and allow activation. ONE TIME.

My second question to Microsoft, If above has happened and 2 yrs later I want to then upgrade to SSD HDs can i reinstall Win 7 ont eh SSD and make the Mechanical HD either a secondary HD or just remove and thorw away.

Microsofts answer: If the one time transfer has already occured then you will need to purchase a new product key $300 for full retail version.

Needless to say this is very disconserting for users that either want to increase the size of their HDs, replace damaged and crashed HDs or upgrade to SSD HDs. I currently have a PC with XP and it has gone through 3 HDs over 8 yrs either through crashed HDs or new HDs for larger storage space. I wrote downt eh Activation code from the telephone activation when i first loaded the machine and have just used this code for each install and never had an issue. This is on the same PC witht eh same Motherboard, just new HDs.

So is microsoft lying and just trying to make more $$ or are teh security restrictions that stronge to be linked to you HD and not your motherboard and CPU anymore?

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    1st question Microsoft Answered is not true. If you have a HDD dying and replace it and reinstall the OS it can be reinstalled with the same key. You may have to call the activation center and just inform them and they will give you the activation key.

    2nd question Microsoft will not as far as I have ever seen transfer data to a new HDD. Depending on the old HDD you may or may not easily be able to transfer the data yourself. If it was a brand name PC (Dell, HP, etc), their warranty program may replace it with no questions asked.

    I have been using Windows 7 x64 for several years now and have had not problems with it. I did have a HDD that was dying and was able to reinstall my OS on a new drive and it activated no problem.

    You will get different answers from different techs you speak with at Microsoft. So I cannot tell you for sure if what they are saying is true or not. But What I said above is from my own personal experiences reloading PCs on a regular basis.