Is the LG 47lm6610 better than the Samsung UA46ES6800RXZN?

by on June 18, 2012

Q: Hi there,

i am confused between 2 new LED tv’ the first on is

LG model 47lm6610

and the second is

samsung UA46ES6800RXZN

a really need to know which is better than the other one

and why is samsung still do active 3d glasses and lg is passive ….and i want to know aslo what is better active or passive and FYI they all expensive thats why i want to buy the one who has better specs in all ways

One Response to “Is the LG 47lm6610 better than the Samsung UA46ES6800RXZN?”

    When spitting hairs between two similar TVs, your best option is to experience both of these TVs in person. If you’re unable to do so, I suggest checking out the forums over at AVS. Lots of very in-depth analysis on various models on there: