Can I find Windows 3.1 sound and video drivers for my computer?

by on June 26, 2012

Q: Hello, I have bought a old Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop Computer. I have installed Dos 6.22 / Windows 3.1 on the 1 st hard drive and
Windows XP Pro on 2nd hard drive. It all Works !
Here is Technical Info About my Computer –
Mb Name : Dell Computer Corp Dimension 4600i
Mb Chipset : Intel Springdale-G i865G
Graphics Controller : Intel Extreme Graphics 2
Audio Controller : Intel 82801EB(M)ICH5
Codec Name : Analog Devices AD1980
I Want to find a Windows 3.1 Video driver
for this computer , so I can have somewhat
better video resolution in Windows 3.1, also
I want to install a Windows 3.1 sound driver
so Windows 3.1 will give me sound.
Is this an Impossible request or did someone
out there make such a thing ? I don’t know ?
This is my question.
Thank You

One Response to “Can I find Windows 3.1 sound and video drivers for my computer?”

    If anyone made it, it would have been Intel. So you can try digging through their website. However, considering that Windows 3.1 is way way way way past support by anyone, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone still keeping those drivers around. Anything that came in windows is probably going to be as good as its going to get.