How come my HDTV says no signal when I connect my laptop to it via HDMI?

by on June 26, 2012

Q: I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop P750-15L which I want to connect to my 42″ TV made by LG model is 42PC1DV.

I have been trying to connect HDMI to HDMI but when I connect the cable the laptop flickers and resolution on laptop screen changes which my TV says “no signal”. Then I get blue screen come up on my 42″ TV and laptop screen stays black and it doesnt restart. I have to hold down power button to turn it off. When I restart i can see Toshiba logo on my TV and also view the BIOS stuff there but when it goes to windows my TV has “no signal” sign showing again. So I think its some kind of windows driver problem ?

When HDMI is connected to laptop in windows, moniter flickers pretty quick but I noticed message pop up and go in task bar saying something like Intel graphics accelerator and stopped working/recovered.
I dont think i can turn off graphics acceleration.
I’ve been to nvidia site and installed latest drivers but no difference. I tried connecting laptop to a smaller TV, a 17″ one with same HDMI cable which works fine.

Searched for hours for a remedy but no clue what to do so any help be very appreciated.

One Response to “How come my HDTV says no signal when I connect my laptop to it via HDMI?”

    Have you tried using another HDMI cable for testing purposes? As well have you tested the external monitor connection? I understand it is not full HDMI but to verify if it is the laptop, the cable, or just the port.

    Also have you tried using the FN+F5 combo to switch active display device?

    I would say If none of these options help you you may want to contact Toshiba support on why this is happening.