Do I need to download Dropbox to both my Mac and Windows running inside Parallels?

by on June 28, 2012

Q: I have a Mac and I’m running Parallels on it for which I use a single windows program for my business. I want to download Dropbox.
My Question is….. Do I need to download the Dropbox to both the Mac side and also to the windows/Parallels side…and will the Dropbox work on both sides of the machine….. for backup of files, email, and shared files?

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    Keep in mind that I haven’t used dropbox so take what I say for what it is worth.

    I use Parallels and there is a way to setup a shared folder. I do this and it works great allowing the Windows machine to write to files on the Mac and of course the Mac can write to the files as well.

    Now assuming dropbox has a way of knowing what was updated then in theory you could setup the dropbox on your Mac then share that folder with Parallels for Windows to use and, again, in theory it should work.

    Hopefully another geek on here has some insight into how Dropbox works though so they can give you a little more info.

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    I use dropbox on a regular basis. It will work just fine for what you want to do. You’ll want to install the dropbox app on both the OS X and Windows side for accessing files.

    Just imagine you’ve got two different computers, it’s the same behavior.

    Note that you’ll probably want to use the shared folder stuff that matt mentioned as well for situations where you’ve got some big ass files you want available to both OSes without needing them to upload to dropbox first.