How come my browser keeps telling me the page is unresponsive?

by on June 29, 2012

Q: I think I have a virus on my laptop every time
I try to open a page a box with a crash computer pop up and and say page unresponsive and it say wait or kill page i hit wait about six times then it opens, so if I purchase norton or any type of antivirus will it remove this virus or do i take it to have it removed

One Response to “How come my browser keeps telling me the page is unresponsive?”

    I’m not sure that your issue sounds like a virus issue. Do you have a lot of other applications open? Is this happening for one website or for all websites? Regardless though, if you do not have virus protection installed I highly recommend that you do get some kind of virus protection installed. I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials as it is a free antivirus/antispyware application. << go there to download. Run a scan and see if that finds any viruses. Let me know your outcome.