How come my native resolution is not listed as an option under resolutions?

by on July 2, 2012

Q: A question about screwed-up screen resolution.

I have Windows XP Pro on my HP Compaq dx2300 Microtower and a Samsung SyncMaster 2220wm monitor. I had been using the monitor for over three years with no problem, then at startup one day a few months ago, the screen resolution started up out of whack: for reason or reasons unknown, the desktop image was gigantic. Yet, when I went to the control panel, my native resolution — 1680×1050 — was not listed after I clicked on “Appearances and Themes,” then “Change the screen resolution,” then “Display properties,” then “Advanced,” then “Adapter,” then “List all modes.” My native resolution was not (and still isn’t) on the list, so I set the resolution to 1600×900, which displays images a little squashed but at least a reasonably close aspect ratio to what it had been. I then took the CD-ROM that came with the monitor, inserted it in the computer and it said that my drivers were up to date, which of course didn’t solve my problem. Perhaps there is something else on that disc I need to access. Or could there be some other problem with my software?

Any suggestions?