Where can I find example code for phplot?

by on July 10, 2012

Q: I need help, am new at phplot and need to read blood pressure from a csv file for use in phplot line graph. Since I know very little about this need, sample code would be apprechiated

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    Make sure you go through the documentation http://www.phplot.com/phplotdocs/ and check out this tutorial as well: http://www.jeo.net/php/phplot/doc/quickstart.html


    None of the examples tell “how” to get csv data into the data array of phplot … that’s where my knowledge is lacking. I’ve just begun using php as well as phplot so have limited knowledge and can learn a lot from studying the source code.

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      I haven’t used phplot in a long time but if you want to parse a csv file then you will want to use fgetcsv. That will throw it into an array and that should get you pretty darn close to where you need to be.


        That put me on the way to a solution so hopefully I can get it working shortly. Thanks