What are the best upgrades for my PC to use it for gaming?

by on July 16, 2012

Q: i want to upgrade my pc for gaming. i know i have to upgrade the prosseser and video card, but i dont know what ones are the best to get. my pc is a compaq cq5210f pc and i tried looking for better upgrades but found no luck, could anyone tell me what prosseser and video card would be the best for gaming and where i could find them?

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    This is really dependent on your budget.

    Check out anandtech.com for some info on current pc gaming tech, as well as newegg.com and amazon.com for pc hardware.


    Well If you are going to upgrade your video card that is the easy part. If you are going to upgrade your processor you will also need to upgrade your motherboard and memory. You may also need a larger power supply.

    Really what you will be doing it building a new PC.
    You can use the case from your old PC but need to make sure that the new motherboard would fit in correctly.

    My suggestion might be to either just upgrade your video card. There are a lot on newegg.com. This video card has great reviews. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130625

    If you want to upgrade your processor I might suggest looking into a new PC. If you would like more information let me know.


    so if i were to just upgrade the video card would it make my games less laggy or would it just enhance the graphics?


      It will allow for both.


    what would you reccomend to get if i wanted to upgrade the video card for maximum output? i dont want to spen a lot of money on it. also, what benifits would upgrading the power source give to my computer ,and is it hard to install a better power source, and would i have to upgrade anything else if i got a better power source. ps. my budget is 100$ and under. also one more question. is there any other thing i can upgrade, install, and or change i could make to my pc to further improve its gaming output and speed? thank you


    also more specs on my pc. i got it in 09, it has windows 7 home premium, its prossesing power is 2.70GHz, its ram is 3.00 gb, it has a 64 bit operating system, it is a compaq cq5210f, the manufacture is Hewlett-Packard Company, the gaming graphics have a very low subscore of 3.3, the prosseser is rater 6.2, ram is 5.5, normal graphics are 3.6, and the primary hard disk is 5.9. i have used 279 GB of 454GB. if there are any other specs i could tell you to better help me make my pc a gaming pc, please feel free to ask me for them.


    ps i am only 12 but i know more about computers than anyone in my family. i am no where near as skilled as anyone here so please help me upgrade my pc to its full potential for gaming! i am capable of preforming these upgrades and changes myself.

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    There are several cards available on newegg.com for under $100. One one I linked to seems to have good reviews and good specs with out being a power hog.


    For a power supply I might suggest this one. It is affordable and is a quality brand. Swapping it out may be a bit of a pain but should not be too difficult. I would suggest taking a few detailed pictures of the connections before removing it to make sure everything is hooked up properly.


    Other than that the only upgrade I see available for your PC would be memory to a max of 4GB.

    There are also processors available on the product page for your PC. up to a quad core processor. At that point it would be getting costly though.

    Here is the specs sheet with detailed info.


    ok more questions. what would upgrading the power supply do for my pc, and do you think that it is practical to upgrade it or is it already powerful enough to play steam games and such. also, would upgrading the memory to 4GB benifit me in anyway, and if so, how would i go about doing so. also the other guy that commented said that if i was going to upgrade the prosseser, i would have to get a new mother board, powersource, ect. is this true or if i wanted a better prosseser would i be better off buying a new pc? also, could you link me a good prosseser that dosent cost to much? and could you tell me out of my pc’s specs what things it already has are good and what is junk? thank you for helping me through this.


    You need a bigger power supply to support the video card. Yes it should be upgraded if you are putting in a video card. The original 250w is most likely not enough.

    You can put in more memory but it may not be noticeable. More memory is always beneficial.

    According to the documentation on hp ‘s site you can upgrade the processor to a better one. However if you wanted a newer processor that is current generation then yes you will need a new motherboard. Again if you want to go that route just build your own PC from scratch or invest in a new one from a store.

    I would say stay with the video card and power supply. That should give your current setup a big enough boost and should be able to play newer games.

    The possibilities of what direction you can go are endless. Set yourself a price range and your goal and go from there.


    how would i increase the memory


    and what would increasing do spasificly?


    Here is a link with hopefully a reasonable description of how memory works in your PC.

    To increase memory you would need to order the right ram. PC2-6400 (800 MHz) is what is installed by default. You can get 2x 2GB sticks of it.
    -To install remove the side cover of your PC.
    -Press the tabs to pop the memory out that is currently installed.
    -Place new memory in (Very important to make sure there is no static when touching the memory as that can cause problems while installing. I might suggest to make sure you are properly ground to the PC Case by placing one hand on the metal of the PC case while installing.)
    -Press down on each side of the memory to lock it back into the slots and the tabs should grab it
    -Put PC back together and power on.
    -Then Enjoy.


    would that get rid of things i already have saved or installed?