How do I know if I should get an iPhone or Lucid?

by on July 17, 2012

Q: I know nothing about smart phone and trying to decide between iphone and lucid – everyone tells me to get the iphone – but verizon tells me to get the lucid – please help – thank you

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    I’ve been an iPhone user for over 2 years. I’m a big fan of its ease of use, bucket of features and Apple’s excellent support services. I plan on staying with iPhone products into the future.

    That said there are plenty of people that are happy with their Android based smart phones.

    If possible, take a trip to your local Apple store so you can take the iPhone for a test drive. Also spend some time with the Lucid as well. You’ll probably be stuck with a 2 year contract with whatever phone you buy, so make sure you like it.

    Also note that Apple is expected to release its next version of the iPhone, the iPhone 5, sometime this fall, possibly as soon as September.

    For more info on these phones see:

    Disclosure: I am an Apple shareholder.