How do I link 6 servers together so that the hard drives are mapped together as 1 drive on another computer?

by on July 19, 2012

Q: I have 6 HP Servers that I would like to network to one main computer. How can I take all 6 of the Servers and connect them so that they come up basically as one big hard drive that is mapped on the separate computer? One server has a copy of Windows Server 2008 on it but the rest of them are just sitting there clean. Everyone of the servers has network cards on them. Am I able to connect them via the network cards and link them that way? Or, there is also a scsi connector on the back of each server.

What’s my best option?

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    Mind if I ask what your end goal really is? Is it data storage?

    In general, the type of practice you’re describing would be considered a really bad idea for any type of server or data center operations.

    If grouped the way you describe, if any one of those server’s harddrives fail, all data on all 6 servers would be lost. The better practice for doing any type of data storage would be a RAID implementation, where the data is spread over multiple drives in a redundant fashion. This allows for a harddrive to fail, but without the loss of any data.

    If you want to leverage the computing power of all those servers to process data, take a look at hadoop:


    Thanks for the replay Mark

    We televise our own sporting events in our area and instead of playing all our stuff back off DVD’s, we want to record all our games and then put them on the servers. Then have the servers networked to one other computer which we would incorporate into our system to play out. The servers wouldn’t necessarily be there to archive our video. We’ll still put everything on a DVD for backup. This would just be an easy way to play our events back to back to back and not have to change DVD’s all the time. If I were to RAID them all together, can that be done through the NIC or would it have to be done with the scsi cable? Also, would each server have to have its own OS on it or just one or just the main computer that were connecting them all to?

    Thanks again