How do I get my drives to have the right letters?

by on July 26, 2012

Q: I put this pc togeather with used parts but I have problems on the settings first I know c is the hard drive which this has a cd burner but i don,t think it will input anything because it only says to copy to drive D the A floopy drive has been removed but the pc shows its still their an when i go back to were the drives are listed D sometimes its their an later it reappears if i change the name of the pc will that mess up my hard drive because the pc s name is in the program in all tell WHAT TO DO TO CLEAN AN CLAM THIS PC with used parts it has 3 different owners an I am user an admin but i keep getting old prgrams from other owners im now running windows xppack3 an glarys cleaner i dumped the rest it helped