How can I find a replacement PSU for my Gateway fx6831-01?

by on July 29, 2012

Q: I haxe a gateway fx6831-01, and have looked everywhere online for the type of psu but no one seems to know the answer, but anyways, it’s a 750w PSU and has Full Range written on the back, not sure if it relates. I was curious as I’ll be going to New Zealand within the month if I need to buy a new PSU or if this one will work, I heard most generics can “explode” as it were in New zealand, as they aren’t manufactured to deal with the change in (power input?). Was Wondering if you could help me out, thanks!

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    You will not want to plug any power supplies for the US into a power outlet in another country that uses different power loads. I believe they make converters that will allow you to use US power supply in another country.

    As for the power supply I might stay with a better branded one instead of a no name cheap one. They will burnout in no time at all. This 500w Corsair one should work ok.


    Thanks for the quick reply, got it all settled out! Opened it up and saw that I missed an Active PFC Label, all is good, I’ll take your Corsair idea into consideration, it’s lasted about 2 years now, so might be time for a change.