How come my Windows 7 install fails?

by on July 29, 2012

Q: Installing windows 7 on a corrupt windows vista pc
new virus on pc..hits windows critical error and shuts down within 75 seconds of startup, then loops. I want to wipe hard drive and install windows 7. pc is gateway FX6800-01e concerned about drivers. no internet connection due to 75 second loop so cannot install/use driver extractor. any suggestions as to how to extract drivers to flash drive in 75 second loop would be great
managed to save pictures and files to flash drive using numerous loops

One Response to “How come my Windows 7 install fails?”

    When turning on the PC you will see an option to load the boot menu press that key (usually F9-F12). Then at the boot option make sure the windows 7 disc is in the drive.
    Select to boot from CD/DVD drive.

    Once installer loads go through options to install Windows 7. Do not select to upgrade from Vista but do a clean install. Select to format the drive. Windows 7 should load most if not all drivers automatically. If not you can always download drivers from manufacturers site.

    Hopefully that will help you out.