Is there a way to get my Galaxy tablet online without a wireless router?

by on July 29, 2012

Q: I am sure this is a silly question.. but here goes anyways…. my wife is very concerned about being hacked with a wireless router even though I use CAT 5 connections… so to keep peace.. I DO NOT HAVE a wireless router. I have a D-Link Gamer Lounge router.

Here is my question, I also have a Galaxy tab that works that uses WiFI… is there an add on card I can put into MY desktop that will broadcast a WiFi signal??

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    There are a few things to mention first.

    1st would be that Cat 5 cables do not have anything to do with Security of WiFi. But upgrading your cables in your network to Cat5e or even Cat6 would allow for faster network speeds.

    2nd would be that when setting up a wireless router you can protects and change the password for your WiFi so that your network is more secure and has less of a chance of being hacked. (You can still get a virus on your computers with or without wireless as well.)

    You can always get a wireless Access Point that you can plug into your network that will allow you to have WiFi. If you were to set up your PC as a WiFi point it would be just as hackable as any other WiFi/Router access point.


    Thank you for your response.. I am unsure as to what a wireless access point it? I had hoped that I could add an add on card to my desktop that would broadcast a wifi signal. Is that not possible?

    Kenn Goodrich