Will a Samsung Series 9 NP900X1B-A02US laptop be as fast as an HP dv4 laptop with an Intel core i3 M330?

by on September 3, 2012

Q: I have an HP dv4 laptop with an Intel core i3 M330 2.13GHz processor and 4GB of RAM.
A sales person is telling me that a Samsung Series 9 NP900X1B-A02US Laptop Computer (ultra book) 2nd generation Intel Core i3-2357M 1.30GHz, 2GB DDR3 RAM will be just as fast, maybe faster and as multi-task capable as my dv4 because the Samsung has a solid state hard drive.
I find this hard to believe.
Can this be true and why?
I know I won’t be satisfied with less speed than I have now.
Also which of the Intel core processors draws the least from the battery?

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    If you’re going from a laptop with a normal mechanical hard drive to one with a solid state hard drive, you’re going to see a big improvement with how fast the computer starts up and loads programs.

    If you’re not familiar with solid state drives, here is a nice article. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2404258,00.asp


      From that article and the comments it appears that solid state drives boot and load programs faster, but there seems to be some question as to their longevity. My dv4 with Windows 7 boots in just under a minute. What I was referring to is, download speed while having multiple applications running or how fast a virus scan is completed and the ability to actually run virus scans in the background without slowing down the computer. I have been taught that processor speed and the amount of RAM are what limits the computers speed and capabilities under these conditions. And before anyone tells me, I know other factors affect download speed. What I mean is, the speed the computer can process the data it is receiving while at the same time accomplishing other tasks. Right now while typing this on a word processor, I have two browsers open with multiple tabs and streaming Pandora. My CPU usage is running between 11 to 16% and using 56% (more than 2GB) of RAM. Would the SSD enable that Samsung to handle all that?