Can I use an unlocked Android phone with AT&T prepaid go phone network?

by on September 12, 2012

Q: I currently have an android AT&T go phone(which I broke). I pay $25 a month for unlimited texting/ 250 minutes and sometimes an extra $5 for data. I use wi-fi mostly to get online. So I only $30 a month for my phone. AT&T charges $60 a month plus taxes for a 2 yr contract.

I would like to buy a nicer android phone but AT&T won’t sell me one, saying that I can only use their 3 android go phones or go into a contract.

If I would buy an Unlocked phone, would I be able to put my go phone SIM card in it and have to work ? is it that simple?

Thank you.

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    You can buy any ATT phone and use it as a go phone. ATT does not like to do this as they make less money from it.

    When I worked for ATT 5 years ago we could sell the phone at full no contract prices. However we were not allowed to offer them as Go phones unless the customer specifically asked about it.

    As well you can use an unlocked phone as long as it is within the ATT spectrum. Usually a quad band phone will work with ATT. You should verify before making any purchases though.