How come my computer says I am connected to an unidentified network?

by on September 12, 2012

Q: I can’t connect to the internet.

I know you may get a lot of questions like these, but I’m trying to fix my brothers laptop. His laptop is a HP Touchsmart tx2-1010ea and will not connect to the internet via wireless or by cable. It connects, but it is an unidentified network. Last week we got a family friend to wipe clean the computer as it had a virus, and it has never been able to connect to the internet for a long a long time, which is why we got it fixed by the friend. I’m currently waiting for him to come home from work as he said there would be a code on the back of the router of which I would need to put in somewhere. Can you help me connect to the network? Our broadband is AOL and I really want to help him as he is always on my laptop now, which connects perfectly, same with the 2 Xbox’s that we have. So, it is the laptop that will not connect to the internet, and not a problem with our internet. Please can anybody help?

One Response to “How come my computer says I am connected to an unidentified network?”

    The first thing I would check it to make sure that the correct drivers are installed for both the wires and wireless devices in your laptop.
    You can select drivers from this page and then select your operating system. Then download to a flash drive or burn to a disk and reinstall on the laptop.

    Then if it is still not connecting even when plugging in a wired connection there may need to be a configuration on the laptop or there may be a hardware problem. If all other devices are connecting just fine it seems that it is related to just his laptop.