How do I reinstall Windows 7 on my computer?

by on September 20, 2012

Q: Hi
First of all let me just explain my situation.

I built my very first computer just a couple of months ago. Every part is new except the CPU and the Optic drive which I took from my old computer.

A few weeks later I purchased a new CPU which is the FX8150 AM3+ of AMD since my Gigabyte motherboard says that it is AM3+ ready.

I installed the CPU but while in the middle of my loading windows it restarts over and over. This is not the problem anymore.

I called Gigabyte and they told me that I need to change BIOS which can be downloaded from the Gigabyte website. They wanted me to download the “FEd” one for my FX8150 CPU to work.

I downloaded and installed what they told me are BIOS and it finally worked.

Now, there is a problem with one of my keyregs for a game so it isn’t really a big deal but I tried every fix that people posted online but none of them helped me.

Basically now what I want to do is to Reinstall my Operating System(win7) to completely remove these keyreg problems(I hope).

My question is, if I do reinstall my operating system and remove the one that is already there, will I also lose the BIOS I have installed specifically for my AM3+ CPU?

or would it go back to its default bios?

or would it not be affected by the re-installation?

One Response to “How do I reinstall Windows 7 on my computer?”

    It should be noted that when you install a new CPU you really need to reinstall your operating system and all software so the good news is reinstalling should fix your problem.

    The bad news is you need to make sure you have everything backed up before you reinstall because you will lose everything on your computer.

    Reinstalling Windows 7 is fairly straight forward. Since you built your own computer you must have the Windows 7 install DVD. Just pop that in and tell it to format the harddrive and install.

    Five things you must do on your computer running windows 7.