How come I am unable to remove the tumri virus from my computer?

by on November 11, 2012

Q: Hi! (Running Windows XP, desktop)
I have a virus ( Every time I open my email, the tumri page pops up. It is blank, just the name and a long address. Also, I possibly have a trojan (IconDrop). Downloaded a free version of ExterminateIt. It found the trojan and loads of tracking cookies (not tumri) but ExterminateIt only finds things for free — doesn’t fix anything. I have run Spybot six times; it is not finding anything. Ran Malwarebytes but it never finds anything. Found removal instructions (to delete files) but I don’t know/can’t find these files 🙁 <$PROGRAMFILES>\\IconDrop\\(various extensions here) These instructions were from the Spybot website, dated 2008.

If you could make some suggestions, it would be MUCH appreciated!

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      Hi Mark,
      I want to apologize for my lack of knowledge! I did not realize my MSE was set for quick scan. I deleted Norton and reinstalled MSE, running the full scan. My problem is (the serious) Exploit:Java/cve-2012-1723!generic. MSE could not delete it and info from their site would not load. I am hoping there is a magic answer on this site!


    Had Microsoft Security Essentials but didn’t help. As a Comcast customer, found out I could get the Norton Suite free, so installed that. Now Spybot doesn’t work and I’m unhappy about that, but I am no longer having the tumri popups. Would like to know what others think of the Comcast version of Norton Suite!

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      Uninstall any instances of Java on your computer
      Install the latest version from


      Run the scan again

      If you are still having the same problem, reboot into safe mode and run the scan again.


    Thank you so much, Mark! You’re a lifesaver. MSE now says my machine is clean!