How do I fix my computer after accidentally deleting my registry using a registry cleaner?

by on November 26, 2012

Q: Hello i need help from the experts. Using the Regcleaner, accidently deleted the registry and now i cant access my drive C & my documents. what can i do?pls..

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    What version of Windows are you running? Depending upon the version you can use the repair utility on the windows intallation disk to repair your windows install. This should rebuild the registry part that you deleted. I recommend that you have backups of all of your files before going too far though. If you just need to get the files off of the computer you can physically remove the hard drive from the computer and place into another computer as a secondary hard drive to retrieve your files.

    Let me know what version of windows you are running and I should be able to find you a step by step guide to running a repair of the OS.


      im using windows xp professional. the problem is, i can’t open any folder including the drive c even hidden.if i saved a file frm the net and put it individually on the desktop, yes i can open it. any ideas?thx for the reply

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    Hi ohshit,
    I understand. Do you have the windows installation disk? This will allow you to run the repair utility to repair your installation of windows.


      windows xp professional to be exact?so,i need to select repair on windows xp right?does all the documents will be gone?i don’t need to reinstall all the program afterwards?sorry for asking too much. Appreciate much your help


    Although this procedure is not supposed to delete any of your documents it is still highly recommended that you backup all of your files/documents to an external hard drive/dvd/cd before performing the procedure.


      Thx a lot fletcha..your help are really much appreciated. i will try on this