How come gmail does not respond after I try to login?

by on November 30, 2012

Q: Why can’t I sign onto my gmail account? When I type in my email and password and press continue, a message says ‘contacting google accounts’ and then nothing happens for some minutes. After that, a message says data failed to load.

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    Assuming the rest of your internet connection is working fine, try using a modern browser if you aren’t already:


    I’m already using the latest version of Chrome. My firewall is ZoneAlarm free version. I find one some other sites that you have to sign on to, the same problem is occurring. When signing on, a line comes up at the bottom saying ‘waiting for …’ and then after several minutes, a ‘failed to load’ message.

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      Thats probably zone alarm causing the problem. Try disabling zone alarm and see if that solves your problem.