How do I make a private server for a MMORPG that is closed?

by on December 7, 2012

Q: Hello! I have a few questions about making a private server for an MMORPG video game that is now closed. (Of course, I won’t create the server if doing so is illegal for this game, but I’m fairly sure that it is not illegal for this particular game. I am certainly not going to attempt to make any sort of profit from this server, it will probably only be me on this server anyway. I will look into the legal information before attempting to create a private server.)

My questions are:

-How could I change the server IP to my static IP address?

-How could I change the authentication for the log-in?

– If the game is missing files that the game’s original servers held, such as mob spawners, world teleporting, and items, could I replace these or retrieve them somehow?

-How could I delete the game’s security files, or bypass them somehow?

-Could I replace the client or edit it somehow?

-And is there anything else I would need to do in order to create it that was not listed above?

This is all assuming it is, in fact, legal to create the private server.

Thank you! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

One Response to “How do I make a private server for a MMORPG that is closed?”

    Bottom line is unless the developers have release the server-side software for the game to download you’re totally out of luck.

    What game do you want to be able to play?