How do I know if my new computer will run Skyrim and Minecraft?

by on December 10, 2012

Q: I’m getting a new PC for Christmas and I’m wondering if these specs would be good enough to run Skyrim and Minecraft at around like 40-60 fps.

Intel Core i5 2320 3.3 gHz processor, 6mb cache, 8gb DDR3 SDRAM, 1TB Hard Drive, ATI Radeon 7530, with 1gb of discreet graphics memory.

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    That video card you noted is only available on laptops, so I’m assuming this is a new laptop.

    You’re going to be out of luck with Skyrim for sure. This video card isn’t going to be enough. No, since it’s a laptop you cannot upgrade the video card.

    Here is a score for this video card compared to other popular gaming video cards right now:

    If you want to do some solid gaming, do yourself a favor and get a desktop computer instead. You’ll be able to upgrade the video card and other parts as needed and be able to get a much better computer for less money.

    All that said, Minecraft might work fine. Unlike most other games, it’s much more dependent on CPU and RAM than the video card.


      But the link for the video card comparison thing is taling bout a Mobility Radeon 7500 is that the same thing as an ATI Radeon 7530?


    The 7530 is part of the 7500 series, so performance is going to be pretty similar.

    If you want high FPS with detail settings cranked up, you’ll want to look at a different computer.


      Well, it is a desktop($800) is it worth buying it and then just upgrading the video card thing?


        That’s probably a good option. Post a link to the full specs.