How come people are unable to get to my website now that I installed a router?

by on January 11, 2013

Q: I installed a new router for 2 computers, #1 XP Home, #2 XP Pro. The router is a EBR 2310 wired router and I also have a server on #2. My domain is and the router IP’s are #1 – and #2 – After installing the router all my sites are able to be seen by everyone however I can not access them using but I can if I use What did I fail to do?
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    This is due to internal DNS resolution and routing. from the outside everyone see’s your website that points to When someone hits your router on TCP/80 it gets forwarded to the correct IP Address. This does not work for you because you are within the network so the router does not know to send the traffic back to its self. It cannot route the traffic. To resolve this you need to set your hosts file on your local computer. Depending on your operating system the file could be slightly different, Do a google search for “Set hosts file on (insert OS here)”

    It should require an entry like the following….

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    Thanks. I knew that the DNS was not getting resolved and I spent hours trying to figure it out but as soon as I saw the word “hosts” in your reply it dawned on me what I had to do. I have used the hosts file in the past to block phishing sites but when faced with my problem it simply slipped my mind. I guess I had a senior moment. Thanks again.