How come my ethernet card stopped working after I updated the driver?

by on January 22, 2013

Q: Hello, i am using my wifi from neighbor to type this on my laptop but here i go-

I recently upgraded to win7 from vista on a used desktop. it has been working great all day with internetno probs at all. then i download all the updates, restart it, and its still fine. BUT, i downloaded 3 optional updates- one graphics update, a dell display in203om, and a realtek network PCIe GBE family controller update. after i downloaded and installed them, my ethernet completely shut off. i restarted the modem, the computer and disconnected and reconnected ethernet cables. modem says it has internet, but the computer says its a problem with the ethernet cable…can you PLEASE help

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    Believe it or not I actually have seen this before. To fix I had to roll back the driver. Try the following >
    – Open Device Manager
    – Navigate to the ethernet Adapter
    – Right click on adapter and click Properties.
    – Click the “Driver” tab
    – Click the button to “Roll Back Driver”
    You may be prompted to reboot the computer. If so, please reboot. Let me know if you have any luck with this procedure.