Is there a way for me to track my stolen phone?

by on February 1, 2013

Q: Are you able to track a phone without installing tracker app’s.
App’s are more often not very precise when they are tracking..

I need to find the person who took my precious padfone 2.

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    Unfortunately there is no way for us regular phone users to track a phone unless an App has been installed on it or if you have an iPhone. Without those tools you would need to have upper level access to your phone company’s systems or be on a Gov’t level.
    Good luck though!

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    Contact your local police department to report your phone as stolen. If you still have the box for the phone handy, that will have all the relevant serial numbers you’ll want to include.

    Contact you cell phone provider to also report you phone stolen.

    Since this is an Android Phone, if you don’t have a password on the phone you should also change your Google Passwords as well as any passwords to anything else the phone would be able to access automatically.

    If your phone is linked to a Google Apps Business account, you should be able to perform a remote wipe.

    Your phone might show up on Google Latitude if that had been setup and your phone hasn’t been wiped. Check

    Otherwise that’s about it. In the future, make sure to get an anti-theft/tracking app installed on your phone!


    There is a tool you can try using depending on what the person who stole your phone has done with it.

    Follow the link and read more information on it.
    If your phone is still online and has not been reset there may still be hope for you. You can push this app from the android market web interface and activate it.

    As well as mentioned by Mark contact police and phone provider

    Good luck and hopefully this helps you out.


    I was going to mention the Plan B tool, but my understanding is that it only works with phones running 2.0 to 2.3 of the Android OS.

    The PadPhone 2 apparently runs version 4.1 or newer, so Plan B shouldn’t work on your phone.