How come my Dell XPS 14 does not shut down completely when I tell it to shutdown?

by on February 11, 2013

Q: I have bought a new laptop, Dell XPS 14Z, 13 inch, with Windows 7 Premeium installed on it. However, I have a couple of problems from the very start which makes me regret buying it.

The laptop works great, but sometimes when I try to shut it down, it doesn’t. Just a blue window with shutting down sign but it never turns off perfectly.
The second problem is even deadlier. A blue screen, once a day or two days once appears and I never know why. This death screen comes from nowhere without any reason, I scanned my computer and there’s no trace of virus. The only think recognizeable from the screen is this file ‘tixhci.sys” file. Can anyone help me here?

Many thanks in advance,
PS, I don’t know much about BIOS, so please tell me step by stem if the problem is related to the hardware.

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    Hi Shalaw – This could be a few different things. Lets start with the simplest first…
    1. Try to run windows updates to verify that all updates to your Operating System and Drivers are up to date.
    2. Check Device Manager to verify that all drivers are properly installed. To get to Device Manager Perform the following… Start button > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Device Manager.? (Let me know if there are any red X’s, Yellow Explanation marks, etc….)
    3. If any changes are made to each of the above try to shut down your computer a few times to see if it shuts down properly.

    If the above does not resolve the issue I would need to look at the windows logs. I can provide you instructions to those after you perform the above.