Where can I find the firmware for my Olevia 237T TV?

by on February 11, 2013

Q: I have a Olevia tv that will not turn on, all the capacitors are fine, I have reason to believe that it is firmware related. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2008, and I cannot get the firmware for it. Can someone find the the firmware, I have the Olevia 237T 37 in tv. It is the LG type. Please Help!

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    Hi Tjk0102 – have you tried going to their site? http://www.olevia.com.hk/lg_firmware.php It looks like you will need to register first.


    I tried to register, but it gave me an error in Chinese. I did a google translate and it wasn’t much help. Something with the phone?


    I tried to register as well and was unsuccessful. I also did some additional searching but was unsuccessful. I’d say the next step is try to contact the store that you purchased this television from. It looks like Olevia went bankrupt in 08 and no longer supports their products. Sometimes if you purchase an extended warranty from the store that you purchase your product from they can further assist you. They also may be able to assist you even if you do not have an extended warranty, I’d say either way it is worth a shot.


    I got this TV from my technical school, they were going to throw it away, I was honestly hoping to fix it :/