How come the onscreen keyboard of my Toshiba Satellite is typing characters for me?

by on February 12, 2013

Q: hi i have a toshiba satellite l775d-s7228 and hal the keyboard does not work using on screen keyboard . it started while watching netflix the movie started fast forwarding an i coul not stop it. then keys stopped working i did a restart the log in screen immediately fills with some character but i have no clue which one as it is dotted the only way i can get it to stop is to highlight it all then use the onscreen keyboard to backspace then quickly put my password in the keys the keys that don’t work are backspace, tab,q,w,p,[,],s,d,f,g,h,j,k,l gives me a.,z,comma key ,/.fn,windows ,alt left ,the menu key,arrow keys,num lock is stuck on, on the numbers pad numbers 1,6,/,3,0,pgup,pgdn i have done a system restor,rest,uninstall an reinstall of the keyboard every thing i could think of please help my artistic and academic career is 0n the line i have commission proposal due tuesday