How do I get my administrative account back?

by on February 14, 2013

Q: How to get my administratve account back?

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    Hi Shonda,
    You will need to provide more information for this. Which administrative account are you trying to get back? Is this for your local computer, A website login account, AOL…. etc..


    Hi Fletcha,
    Thanks for taking time out to try and help me. It is a windows xp dell my home computer. I accidentally made the only administrative acct to an unlimited acct now i dont no adm rights on my computer. Can you please help me.


    HI Shonda,
    Do you currently login with the username “Administrator” account? Try to start your computer in safe mode and log in with the default administrator account which is “Administrator” and a blank password.
    Once you’re logged in as Administrator you should be able to return these user permissions to your username.
    Let me know if this works for you.


    I’ve tried that in safe mode the administrative account doesn’t show up, I think because my log on mode is in classic and I’ve never had a password on the computer and when I typed in “Administrative” It doesn’t work then after awhile it says you do not have administrative privelleges.


    Hi Shonda,
    If that does not work your next options are to try a password recovery utility which I would only recommend if you are somewhat tech savvy, If not then I suggest that you bring your computer to best buy or a store of the like to have your password reset/set admin prevliges. You will need to burn an ISO image and use the password reset utility “Sala password renew”. Below is a link to the ultimate boot cd site which should provide you with all of the How To’s that you should need.