Can I add a 3TB hard drive to my computer while keeping the the 1TB hard drive I already have?

by on February 20, 2013

Q: Hi,
My pc(desktop) specs are
proccesor – intel I3 3.07ghz
4 gb ram, 64 bit, currently runnin win 7 ultimate.
I have a 1tb hdd which is almost full ( only some 300mb left ) so am plannin on buying ,WD Caviar Green 3 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD30EZRX).
My question is, can i just add this 3tb hdd along with the 1tb that i already have. will my pc specs be enough for smooth performace ? or should i remove the 1tb and install this 3tb (which is gonna be cumbersome as i have precious data in my 1tb) and i am not interested in external hdd.
thanks in advance

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    This shouldn’t be an issue, But to confirm that it is doable you will want to check the specs on your motherboard to confirm that you have another internal SATA connector from the motherboard and another internal SATA power connector. if you do, One other thing that you will want to check for is a slot to put the hard drive into in your existing case. If you do not have the slot then your hard drive will be dangling inside of the case which is not safe for the drive. If you have a computer such as a dell or HP I can look up the specs of your computer to see how many internal SATA connectors there are.

    If there are no available then you do have another option, You can use an external hard drive and use it via USB. This is usually the simpeler option but you will always have that case attached to your computer, It is not a good option if you plan on installing applications to the new hard drive.


      thanks a lot for the reply.
      As to the space for my new hard disk to fit in, I am sure I have that…and for the motherboard specs…i hereby give you the complete specs of the same.
      while my cpu config is

      I am providing this info in case if you could look up and tell me if its possible and I bought all components from different manufacturers and assembled them with the help of a system engineer. I dont wanna go for ext hdd cuz, 1tb costs 5k while 3tb internal costs 8k and I have a 320gb external hdd already for other purposes ( which is also full ironically :-/ )

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    Shank – Thanks for this info
    Looks like your motherboard will support up to 6 SATA devices (it seems that currenlty you’re using 3 of them). This should be more than enough. Just make sure that there is physical space inside of your case. Specs for your MOBO are located here…


    Thank you so much my friend.
    I have been inquiring a lot about this and in vain !
    really appreciate your valued comments.
    I shall go on with buying the 3Tb hdd .
    Thanks again for the information