How come I can only rarely get youtube to open?

by on February 25, 2013

Q: I can rarely open youtube on my laptop. most of the time it wont load, it says can’t display the webpage or something like that. i tried a few browsers and still didn;t work. sometimes they rarely randomly load, however sometimes even i load the webpage it keeps buffer and i can’t watch the video. this problem started a few days faster than i moved to a new house. i am using Rogers wireless. Windows 7 premium 64 bit. the same problem goes to facebook. but it seems that facebook has a greater chance of successfully load. i tried clear the cache, auto detect settings, automatic proxy, windows diagnostics, unplug the modem, etc… i tried on another laptop using the same wireless modem worked, so it should be system’s problem. this problem is been over a month and is very annoying. PLease help me!