Can the metadata in a file hold information about a computer like the MAC address?

by on February 26, 2013

Q: Can metadata in any file hold information about the MAC adress of the computer or any other data that can pinpoint the location or id in anyway of the original uploader ?

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    Okay, I think what you’re trying to say is that someone uploaded a file onto a computer, and you want to know where it came from?

    A file itself won’t hold any kind of data like that. Depending on the situation and how the file was added to the system, there might be other logs available. However I’d need some more details on your situation.


    I see, I am mostly concered about only the file itself


    Is this just a file you found on your computer, and you have no idea when or how it got there?


    Its a hypothetical one, it could be anything, I just wanted to know if someone tries to identify a file (only) with a computer can he do it ?


    The MAC address of a computer isn’t stored, but some files do keep other information. For example, picture files keep model information about a camera, word documents will sometime note the author’s name.

    Depending on the situation that might be enough in terms of clues to determine who put the file there.

    If you’re willing to give me an exact situation or whatever it is you’re planning on doing, I might be able to provide more information. However if this is at all “black hat”, I generally decline on giving that type of information out.


    No no hats at all, here is the thing, In audio class we give our teachers assigments in .WAV or/and .mp3 sometimes, I get to do some of my classmates assigments to help them out, but the teacher claims he can see just from the file at wich computer the file was produced and can know wich of my classmates didn’t do the work him self or atall, well I don’t really care cause I do the assigments anyway, but it made me wonder if such thing was possible and if so how can one do it? (also made me wonder how can a file be stripped by any information at all ‘audio files” ),


    adding another small example, if I download a file in a rar export it , then re rarr it and upload it to a host, and download the file in a friends computer and export all the files, Can I see any information only from the files that pin point the original computer/uploader ?

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    It’s possible, with regards to audio authoring software some relevant metadata may be written to the files. Depends on the software programs you’re using to create the files.

    I suggest googling “metadata” and the name of the software product you’re using to learn more.

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