Is there a way to print text messages from an iPhone 4?

by on February 27, 2013

Q: I need to print a large number of text messages, including the dates of them from my iPhone 4. Is this possible? I tried to do the edit, forward option but that doesn’t include the date which is vital. Also, I don’t have a wifi printer which seems to be a popular need when I have googled this problem.

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    Since the dates are important your best bet is to take screenshots and print those out.

    Just press both iPhone 4 buttons at the same time, you’ll see a quick flash and a picture of the screen will be saved to your camera roll. You can then e-mail those images to yourself and print them out.

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    Check out this blogpost. It looks like they have a pretty lightweight application for backing up SMS messages to your computer which you should be able to print off at a later time. . Let me know if this works for you, If not I’ll see what else I can find.