What is the best laptop that will stay the coolest?

by on March 5, 2013

Q: Best Laptop (&/or accessories) for HOT conditions

I will be living on the road the entire summer, in a tent, without shade and in hot conditions in the Midwest.

I currently own a Toshiba Satelite 17″.
It has overheating issues which I have been able to harness with closely watching temp guage, and using a bag of frozen veggies underneath when I watch movies. It is my main computer and I in no way want to further cause these issues. Options: Get a cheapo laptop used for internet, email and office apps so I can do my work and not worry about loosing my prescious stored data OR figure out proper cooling for my current device.

If the laptop is kept in a vehicle during hot temps (90-105 degrees outside the vehicle).. can this burn her up?

If she is kept in a waterproof bin outside the car but maybe underneath it or in a tent… will this burn her up?

I have only bought one USELESS fan that had one fan not lining up to the heated areas. Is a better fan worth it? (for times of actual usage)

** If I was to buy a super cheap but new laptop which would you reccomend for optimal coolness???

Any special “cooling” bags out there to help?

I appreciate any and all expert advise I can get here as I am not impressed by the expertise I get from the computer store.


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    kb – I first must say that Electronics and heat don’t typically mix especially computers!
    To run a computer in above average temperatures I’d recommend a smaller netbook style computer. These computers usually run on less energy (longer battery life) they can come equipped with a solid state drive (less mechanical moving parts/don’t create as much heat as typical hard drives). If you do go this route and have important data stored on your computer make sure that you use some sort of backup service to backup your files. http://www.mozy.com is a good online backup utility which offers about 2gb of free space and is fairly inexpensive if you need to backup more than that to their servers.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts/questions/comments.



    Also, Tablets are getting more and more popular especially with the new Windows 8. This could be a possible solution for you as well. Before purchasing I would suggest going to your nearest Best buy, Staples, etc… and trying a few of them out to see what your thoughts are.